Alexa And App Controlled Alarms

Amazon’s Alexa series proved that AI powered assistants could prove a mass market hit outside of the smart phone world, and has won over many users who previously found the idea of speaking to their appliances a bit too…”black mirror”. As a result we can expect almost all new products to have voice control, including alarm systems. Whilst this is inevitable, it does raise the unpleasant possibility of having to manage multiple AIs in your home like a group of uncommunicative children.

Ironically, one big impact it could have on the world of security is not a positive – in an age when every institution is at risk of malicious hacking, many have suggested that having a speaker constantly listening and sending audio data to the cloud could have dangerous consequences. This would only get worse as the technology filters down to smaller manufacturers with less universal software standards.

This trend is not really brand new, but it’s certainly becoming more prevalent. Since the arrival on the market of basic home security offerings from companies such as Ring and Nest, security system and alarm manufacturers have been looking to “Apple-ify” their ranges, moving from clunky and stern hardware, to smaller, sleaker devices that are more attractive to DIY users.

Ring themselves are also looking to aggressively expand their range, stepping on the toes of more traditional alarm system manufacturers.

This is not something to look out for, this change is well underway. Now that smartphones provide DIY users with the type of 24/7 monitoring that used to require paid-for services, it’s no surprise that the home security market is shifting towards smaller, easy-to-install devices.  The shift toward sexy looking App controlled systems is unlikely to make systems better & more secure but will improve the user experience.  It is however likely that commercial systems will need a lot more IT security before it takes a grip there as well.

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