Control vehicle access and egress safely and efficiently with our innovative vehicle management solutions

High quality vehicle barriers

Our range of industry leading vehicle barrier systems efficiently allow authorised vehicles onto your site or property while effectively keeping unauthorised vehicles out. Our solutions can be tailored to the exact needs of your business and are suitable for a wide range of locations including: Construction sites, industrial and manufacturing units, retail outlets and car parks.
We supply and install a full range of manual and automatic vehicle barriers in all sizes and styles including:

  • Automatically operated barriers with Intercom to reception/gatehouse who operate a ‘push to open/exit’ button or remote operation from their handset.
  • Number Plate recognition barriers (ANPR)
    Proximity tag reader or Access Code entry barriers
  • Intelligent Car Park Signage (FULL / SPACES)
  • Manually operated barriers

Intelligent ANPR cameras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras work in conjunction with our vehicle barrier system technology to allow automatic vehicle entry or exit using a database of authorised number plates. ANPR cameras can also monitor car park capacity, provide a record of deliveries and alert when suspicious, blocked or unauthorised vehicles attempt to enter site.

Service and maintenance

Our specialist engineering teams are highly accredited and committed to providing technical excellence and exceptional standards of customer service. To ensure your vehicle management solutions remain secure and complaint we offer ongoing service and maintenance plans to protect the public, your employees and your business 24hrs/ 7days a week /365 days of the year

Gate Automation – Safety

Electric Gates fall under the legal guidance of the Machinery Directive 2006 /42/EC.

Following a number of tragic accidents around the world where automatic gates have caused serious injuries or fatalities, it has become ever more important to ensure that an automatic gate is installed safely.

Before an automated gate is installed on a site, a full risk assessment should be undertaken by the Installer / Designer, to identify all the potential risks associated with the gate. The installer should then put in place measures to eliminate or substantially reduce the likelihood of an automated gate accident occurring. All automated gates should be installed with at least two different type of safety devices / features to protect gate users from the risk of injury or worse, as a result of becoming trapped by the gate. These can include the use of photocells (or light curtains) pressure edges or the newer 24v gate motors that have built in safety pressure gauges. However, the person who takes responsibility for installing these devices must possess the appropriate knowledge to understand WHERE the devices should be sited to mitigate or eliminate the risk. The installer must also have a clear understanding of how to select the correct pressure edges to ensure that they are capable of effectively stopping and reversing the gate when an object / person is detected. Upon completion of a 24v motor with safety pressure gauges a Force Test will be conducted with certification to confirm the safety rating.



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