From simple stand-alone systems to complex multi-site requirements, our cost-effective, CCTV installation packages provide a powerful visual deterrent to prevent against damage from vandalism, material loses from theft and to uphold your responsibility for the safety of employees, tenants, customers and visitors.

Tailored system design

After a thorough risk assessment, our team work with you to design a CCTV system that is tailored to the unique security and health and safety needs of your premises, ensuring compliance at the highest regulatory levels.

We supply a complete range of the latest camera models from static, fixed point cameras to 360 degree models to give full coverage. Wired or wireless we have the right CCTV system for your business. All our CCTV technology is state of the art High Definition and designed to work in a variety of lighting and weather conditions.

Cost-efficient safety

CCTV solutions can replace or work alongside your manned security guard requirements, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Remote monitoring from our contracted Monitoring Station Farsight ( protects your business out of hours 365/24/7, responding to any security alerts as they occur.

Integrated solutions

Our fully customisable CCTV systems can integrate with our Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarm, and Access Control solutions to provide a single point of control in the event of a security breach, health & safety or fire alert.

Advanced Video Analytics

To add extra functionality and further increase system efficiency, we use state of the art video analytics software. The responsive software uses the information from your cameras intelligently, separating the unusual from the ordinary, and refines and narrows down to just the events relevant to you. And it does it fast, improving response times and reducing potential risk.

Alongside improving security effectiveness, advanced video analytics allow you to monitor your whole business, leveraging the information gathered to aid functions such as personnel management, marketing, and health and safety.
The applications in both archived footage and real time are vast:

  • Intuitive surveillance – Intelligent Human and Vehicle target classification, Motion Tracking, Loitering Alert, Virtual Tripwire, Left/Removed Object Alert.
  • These events can be attached to specific system actions, such as begin recording, sending a signal to the operator, displaying the image on a separate monitor or running custom responses.
  • Face detection – Detect facial details and compares it to known photos of persons of interest.
  • Smart search – Quickly finds archived video that matches custom criteria you set at the time of search.
  • Traffic Control – Intelligent transport and traffic detectors, as well as number plate recognition.
  • Heat Map – Define the most popular ‘hot spots’ by measuring the time people spend in certain areas of your premises.
  • Retail – Continuously records a cashier’s workspace and combine this information with point-of-sale transaction data to prevent fraud or theft.
  • Head counts and queue management – Counts the number of people in and out of a predefined area or queue length.

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